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Formerly a "sister" brand of Keratherapy, our 4 TRUEPLEX Repair and Protect Vegan Home Care items and 2 Vegan Pro Smoothing and Conditioning Treatments is now a VEGAN COLLECTION within the Keratherapy brand. Although everyone needs keratin, not everyone can use animal by-products, even keratin from sheep's wool! Bamboo Miracle Vegan Pro Treatments and Home Care transform, repair and protect with Bamboo, Baobab, Grape seed extracts and plant-based proteins to repair, rebuild and protect all hair types and textures!

TRUEPLEX is a Bond Recovery system that repairs existing internal damage to hair and prevents new internal damage caused by successive chemical services, hot tools or environmental influences. TRUEPLEX can be added to or with any salon service, or can be used as a stand-alone intensive repair and conditioning service to bring hair back to its true natural, healthy state.


Instantly nourishes and restores highlighted or color treated hair. Extends the life of color with powerful anti-oxidants and UV protectors, while eliminating frizz, repelling humidity, improving manageability and adding shine.

Key Ingredients are:
Loaded with powerful anti-oxidants that help prevent and repair damage caused by chemical, mechanical and environmental stress.

One of the world's most powerful hair repair complexes among all the vegetable proteins, rich in hair-loving amino acids.

A rich source of silica which promotes stronger and thicker hair by penetrating the hair cortex and helping to stimulate collagen production.

Check out the youtube video above for a look at the TruePlex Bamboo Miracle companion product RECONSTRUCTOR!

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