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Cosmetologist Crossover to Barbering/ Clipper Over

Learn to expand your skill set and confidently make the transition to barbering. With your strong foundation in shear cutting and styling, our class will focus on a segmented five-phase approach that builds upon that foundation. We'll start with tool set-up, and how to select the right tool for the right job, and share industry secrets on tool usage for consistent cuts. You'll overcome any fears or intimidation you may have about cutting hair too short or removing lines. You'll get the confidence to crossover from cosmetology to barbering with ease, which will help to expand your career opportunities. Clipper Over Comb Class Using mannequins, we will take you through a ground-up approach to achieving the perfect fade. Our technique goes beyond just using guards and focuses on removing bulk, following the contour of the head, and blending from skin into long hair. We'll break down everything from how to hold the comb, to rolling and resetting it, to building consistency with anchor points and more. Our goal is to teach you the skills you need to achieve a flawless fade every time, at a pace that works for you.

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Mar 4, 2024




Ethos Beauty Partners Voorhees
300 White Horse Road
Voorhees, NJ

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12 / out of 12



Lunch Provided


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