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Your salon equipment is important, yet often taken for granted. You depend on it every day to be safe, reliable and functional. These items get used very hard and, like anything else, require periodic checks, maintenance and cleaning.

A good-looking and well-operating salon is essential to avoid costly downtime. Your clients trust you to have safe, properly maintained equipment to do a professional job.

Here are the Top 5 ways we can help you with your salon equipment needs!

  1. Furniture: We can help you with purchasing, delivery, and assembly.
  2. Quality: There are a variety of salon furnishings, spa, manicure/pedicure stations, cabinetry, retail shelving, displays, styling stations, shampoo stations, hydraulic chairs, massage tables and customizable options.
  3. Layout Design: Whether you're creating a new salon or remodeling an existing one, our mission is to help you develop a well-functioning and image correct salon from concept to completion.
  4. Guarantee: We stand behind manufacturer warranties with an expert service staff, loaner equipment for equipment under warranty, and personal service.
  5. Leasing Opportunity: 100% deductible lease-to-own plan. Financing available through multiple leasing companies.

For all of your salon equipment needs or questions:

Contact Tim McKinney at 855-721-5250 ext 1214 or email