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Don't Sell - Serve

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If you feel like you are “selling” take home products to the clients in your chair, you’re doing it wrong!

No stylist wants to feel like a sales person, and no client wants to be sold to. At the same time, clients are screaming for help! They are constantly looking for better ways to care for and style their hair at home. So how can a great service experience not include this as part of the service?! In other words, giving a world-class salon service includes serving your clients needs after they leave your chair.

The difference between “selling" and "serving” is so simple, it’s almost ridiculous. It begins with asking questions that show you are here to serve. An example could be: “What hair issues can I help you with?” Followed by something like, “How are you addressing that now?” and “Walk me through your regimen and routine at home. What’s not working?”

These conversation starters show that you care and begin the journey of you fulfilling your clients needs. That’s not selling, that’s incredible service.

Once you know what your client needs help with, do a platform show where your client is the model. Teach them the what/how/why of each product and technique, tying it back to the issues they told you they were having. Stylists with solid PK skills, can also add an ingredient knowledge-bomb or two that illustrates why the product is so good at solving those particular issues.

In short, when you have a client in your chair, don't sell - serve.