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Merriam-Webster defines ethos as: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.

Ethos is character. Character defined by our core, guiding beliefs. As we embark on the journey of melding two long standing family traditions into one modern day company, we can easily see a few differences, but what we have found to be undeniable are what we have in common – those core guiding beliefs:

We love this industry. Truly and deeply. The people in this industry, front to back, are passionate, committed, creative, and inspiring. In short – they’re really good, cool people!

We love to see success. From mastering a new technique, building a book, killing it with a new color line, bringing in record setting cash flow, or just bringing a smile to someone that needed it – salon and stylist successes, large and small, are our successes and were here to support them.

We love our community. This industry, this world, and this planet are better when we work together. We are the beauty industry. No matter our differences, we are all here to do our small part and together make this world a better, happier, more beautiful place.

This is what brings us together. This is what defines our character as we embark upon the lofty task of serving this beautiful industry to the best of our collective abilities. This is our Ethos.

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