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Alterna transcends ordinary haircare – with healthy, sensorial rituals and clean, skincare-inspired formulas – elevating everyday moments into self-care experiences that transform the hair and delight the senses. Whether at the salon where Alterna empowers stylists to create experiential, transformational moments or while treating at home, Alterna is an essential ritual for people who value self-care and the freedom to express themselves.

Both Alterna brands feature complete hair care routine collections, with CC hair creams, moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, hair oil treatments and hair styling sprays. Additionally, each of our professional salon products contains a detailed guide, such as how to style short hair or how to care for curly hair.


All Vegan and Silicone-Free

BEGIN AGAIN Curl Cleanser 6.8 oz
Gently cleanses, improves curl texture and formation, maintains curl pattern, and reduces frizz.

MY WAY Curl Defining Cream 5.0 oz
Delivers a super-soft hold and bounce, reduces frizz.

MORE BUTTER Masque 6.0 oz
Nourishes all textures, reduces frizz on all types of curls with long-lasting bounce and shine.

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