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From humble beginnings to big ideas the evo mission has remained the same: saving ordinary humans from themselves.

We can inspire positive change while providing honest products that respect people and the planet.

Coming from a long line of hairdressing heritage, evo has always been a family affair. The family mission to grow and protect the hairdressing industry has been at our core since 2005. today, we’re continuing this quest by providing salons across the globe with honest products that put performance, people, and the planet first.

hue-verse porosity equaliser

a leave-in spray designed to be used prior to colour application to balance moisture levels, equalise hair porosity and ensure even colour results.

even colour – balances the moisture level of hair
equalising – the porosity and priming the hair for even colour uptake
strengthens – protein-rich ingredients help to reduce breakage and improve the overall condition of hair
conditions – acidic formula balances the pH, detangling hair for improved manageability
saves time – eliminate the need to condition hair before toning

spray onto …clean, dry or damp hair, comb through to distribute evenly, do not rinse. proceed with colour application.

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