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Reuzel Offers Quality Men's Products To Style & Clean The Hair On Your Face & Head.

Create The Hairstyles Favored By Greasers, Psychobillies & Other Fine Gentlemen.

Reuzel is proud to be certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty free company. Most of the products are 100% vegan except for a few that contain beeswax.

Help Your Tattooed Clients Keep Their Tats Fresh Looking!

Step #1 - Buff Exfoliating Wash
A strong and gentle natural cleanser loaded with fruit enzymes to rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells and surface debris from the skin.

Step #2 - Hydrabalm Revitalize & Replenish
Deeply hydrating balm that helps brighten healed tattoos.

Step #3 - Vivid Gel Instant Color Boost
Hydrating gel that creates a moisture barrier on the skin while quickly
enhancing the color of your tattoo.

BONUS Step - Shine Tattoo Spray
Add definition and radiance to your healed tattoo with this non-greasy, quick dry formula.

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