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Make every moment behind the chair count.

At Betty Dain, we believe professional apparel should work as hard as you do. Every stitch we sew honors your craft, so you can do what you love, unhindered. To us, every detail matters. Our fabrics, pockets, cuts and closures are built to elevate your convenience and style on the job– whether you're bleaching, buzzing, cutting, clipping, or all-of-the-above.

Our History

In 1947 Mortimer Leebow revolutionized women's fashion with a sleek, feminine shoulder pad. He patented the new design and got to work, naming his new company after his wife, Bessie Dain. As elegant, Joan Crawford-style silhouettes grew in popularity, so did his Brooklyn, NY operation.

We've been designing and sewing new fashions ever since.

After the war, barbers invented the crew cut. Stylists invented the bouffant, and the beauty industry was in full swing. Mr. Leebow knew that salons and barber shops popping up around the country needed capes and aprons, so he packed his bags and traveled the Eastern Seaboard to show the budding salon industry his products. He really listened to the needs of barbers and hairdressers, and engineered styles still in use today.

Today we follow in his footsteps– always listening, always creating. This is the heart and soul of Betty Dain.

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