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Color speaks louder than words.

Colortrak is devoted to all the mavericks, mad scientists, and fearless stylists that beautify our world. You're our muse, the reason we innovate, and the reason we love what we do.

Built For stylists who elevate hair to the level of art...

Colortrak has been a leader in salon-grade coloring tools since 1980, and we've been obsessed with hair color ever since. We've made it our mission to design tools for hair stylists that expect more – more creative control, more blend-ability, and more flexibility to execute their vision.

It's time to graduate to a new caliber of color.

Incorporating ergonomic features, tasteful design, and real-world testing by select brand ambassadors, Colortrak products push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color.

We draw our inspiration from the tropical sunshine and diversity of our home-base in Miami, FL., but the heart and soul of our work can be felt in artist's hands around the world.

Featured Products from Colortrak: