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    • AMPLIFY TAPE-IN: Day Dreamer - 22" x 2" - 10G12G
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      TAPE-IN: Day Dreamer - 22" x 2" - 10G12G - 1 item

      Amplify Tape Extensions are comfortable to wear, fast and easy to apply. A volume amplification can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes with full length taking well under an hour. They are are made with the highest quality 100% cuticle-intact, Remy Human Hair. Amplify Hair Extensions’ one of a kind “Nano Panel” is the lightest, thinnest, most comfortable panel on the market which is not only easy and remove, they are damage-free and undetectable.

      Our hair color size boxes are designed to be stackable to conserve space and time. The easy-to-read outer label displays salon color and length, while a transparent window allows the hair extensions to be viewed without opening the packaging.

      Product Number: HE22AM10G12G
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