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A Season of Reflection and Gratitude

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As our first year as Ethos comes to a close, we find ourselves filled with immense gratitude, humility, and anticipation.

The past year has brought forth a variety of challenges – some of which were expected, others that took us by surprise – all of which taught us flexibility and forced us to grow in many ways. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and have to extend a huge thank you to our internal team, our incredible brands, and our family of customers. Without your support, flexibility, and commitment we would not be here today.

Rather than a finish line celebration, this period of time feels more akin to walking up to the starting block. Over the past year we have learned a lot about who we are and even more about who we want to be.

We want to be the place where the industry comes together. We want to be the best distribution asset to our brands and our customers. We want to continue to grow our products and services because change is an integral part of this transformative, beautiful industry. We want our efforts and actions to reflect our words. We really do believe in making this industry more beautiful together. And we’re just getting started!