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Show Us Your Bright Side!

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The professional beauty industry has always been filled with brilliantly creative people. How fortunate we are to be in a time where we can see the depth of that.

The past several years have shown us an amazing blossoming of acknowledging and celebrating creativity and individuality. The expansion of social media has really enlightened the general public to the artistry within walls of a salon. Allowing stylists to share their highly skilled work has led to a positive feedback cycle of inspiration, learning, and growth.

We’re seeing an increased frequency of skills like nail art and creative color applications. And people seem universally captivated by the results. Even the professional tools are catching up to the trend. Brushes, bowls, dyers, foils, capes, and more coming in bright colors and patterns to more fully embrace the individuality and creative spirit of those using them.

It’s a beautiful thing when creating something beautiful inspires someone else to do the same. So lets keep the mutual admiration celebration going – show us your bright side! Share your photos of nail art, creative color, fun foils, color transformations, and more. Your light can help other’s shine - you never know who you’re inspiring!

Show Us Your Bright Side! 🔆
Social Media Contest*

This July and August we want to spread summer vibes, creativity, and inspiration!

Did you use Ethos products or tools for nail art, creative color, fun foils, color transformations, or a summery finished look? Take a photo, post it, and tag us! #EthosBrightSide

Each week we will choose one bright look to feature on our own page and the selected artist will receive a $20 gift card! To enter post your photo with a description of the Ethos products or tools you used to create the look. Tag us @ethos_beauty and don’t forget to include the hashtag #EthosBrightSide

Let’s spread some light and inspiration this summer and make all our social feeds more #beautifultogether with #EthosBrightSide

*Contest entries valid through August 31, 2022. Last winner will be selected September 2, 2022.