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Ethos Beauty Partners’ #hairlove Event - Influencing the Industry at Its Roots

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At Ethos Beauty Partners, we believe that the beauty industry is not just about making people look good, but also about transforming their lives through creativity, community, and charity. That’s why we were thrilled to host the #hairlove event on April 3rd, bringing together a community of beauty industry professionals to learn, grow, and give back.

We gathered a team of beauty influencers and experts including Instagram Influencer Jamie Dana, Hairbrained Co-Founder Gerard Scarpaci, and Ethos’ own CORE TEAM. Across 4 segments they delivered a series of inspiring presentations and live demos that covered the latest trends, business growth strategies, and ways to give back to the community through hair and love. Attendees were able to learn new skills, network with their peers, and gain valuable insights into our ever-evolving industry.

#hairlove wasn’t just about the education and networking opportunities. We also wanted to give back to the community, which is why we chose to support Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization that provides wigs and support services to children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions. We are proud to announce that the event raised money for this important cause through featured products and ticket sales. We are grateful to all attendees and support staff who helped make this possible!

At Ethos Beauty Partners, we believe that by coming together as a community, we can make a big difference in the world. Our #hairlove event was just one example of how we can use our passion for beauty to inspire and uplift those around us. We are excited to continue this mission and to create even more opportunities for industry professionals to learn, grow, and give back.

“The #hairlove event was a truly special experience for us at Ethos. It was amazing to see so many passionate industry professionals come together to learn, grow, and give back to those in need. We are proud to have supported Wigs for Kids and are grateful to everyone who helped make this event a success. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our growing community.”

– Kara Kletkewicz, Ethos Beauty Partners, Co-Principle