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Professional Artistry

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The spring always brings bright trends to the beauty industry. In the northeast, we feel it is a WELCOME dawn after the cold dark months. So, its no surprise that the trend forecasts are indicating bright colors, natural healthy skin, and fun embellishments for Spring 2023.

While these are common seasonal themes, there is one element of this season’s trend forecast that has us really excited – ARTISTRY. The fashion forecasters and the general public are recognizing, celebrating hairdressers and other beauty professionals as artists. More than a trim, hair cuts are leaning into bolder shapes and designs. Manicures have given way to creative nail art, including 3D and textured designs. Social media is popularizing creative styling and craft updos, keeping trends fresh and forcing creativity to flow.

We know that every professional in this business has the heart of a creative. We know that you do the hard work because you can, and do, use your creativity to bring goodness to your clients and your communities. It is exciting and refreshing to see a trend of the general public recognizing this as well.

At Ethos, one of core values is “passion for the impact of our industry.” We believe in this industry and the wonderful things it can do for this world – because of you. So, we are here to support, cultivate, and grow the artistry of your craft. There are a few ways we’re committed to helping you grow professionally and artistically. Check out our latest education offerings including new creative Core Team formats or reach out to your SBS today for a consultative appointment to plan for a season of growth!