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Riding the Digital Wave with Hair Care Retail

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The volume of retail sales in the global cosmetic and beauty industry is expected to double between 2022 and 2024 with online sales capturing a larger percentage of total purchases each year. In the US, hair care retail sales currently report 36% of shopping done online with an expected growth of up to 50% by 2025. What this means is that 3 years from now retail sales will double and more than half of those sales will go online!

So, there is a lot of growth potential on the table! However, if you are not taking action to capture that business, you’re at risk for an online retailer to take that revenue growth from you.

Market surveys show that “Hair Care” is the lowest category within the total beauty industry to convert to digital sales. 60% of consumers would prefer to purchase haircare mainly in person, and, in addition to that, 18% would prefer the option to do their shopping both in person and online.

What about haircare makes it the slowest beauty channel to convert to the digital age? Our industry experiences tell us - because its personal. Nobody here needs to be told how personal the choices about hair are. Unlike an impulse outfit that social media told you to buy, the wrong hair product can cause long lasting damage, and that is not a risk a lot of people are willing to take. Conversely, the right hair product can save time, reduce stress, and boost confidence! Retail reporting tells us that the number one consumer concern when buying haircare is “Quality” and that the people interested in this market also have an interest in personal health, exercise, and overall self-care.

The takeaway – it makes sense that consumers would like a more hands on approach to choosing what they use!

The personal factor in hair care retail purchasing is strong, and it’s flattering. As the trusted professional, you are the guardian of quality and success when it comes to your clients’ hair! But the convenience of shopping online is an overwhelming factor that is slowly converting more and more of the customer base. So, what can a stylist or salon do?

As an industry, we need to prepare ourselves to satisfy both needs - meet our customers where they are already going (online) and be the steward of quality for the products they want and need.

Ethos Beauty Partners is committed to growing with you to meet this challenge so you can dedicate your valuable time and energy to your craft and your clients! Reach out to your SBS for more information on the projects and services were working on to be the best retail support partner for your salon.