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What is Success?

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In business and in life we are frequently monitoring metrics that give us chartable information about the so-called “success” of our endeavors. What does the booking percentage, scale, ROI, bank account, etc. look like this month over last? Am I meeting my goals - bettering myself, my business, and my community?

While we cannot discount the necessity of these measures, we should also stop and take a breath – finding the success around us rather than simply reaching for a fixed point on a chart.

They say start where you stand. We are all coming from different places physically, emotionally, and financially; so, measuring success against each other does a disservice to the complexities of the playing field and the progress we make with each step!

As one of our primary “Ethos” – the characteristics and values that drive our company – we call out the importance of celebrating success stories:

  • We believe success, large and small, is beautiful and should be supported and celebrated

Your success story may be clear and obvious. Or it might be more subtle… Maybe you finally invested in yourself and took that class you were thinking about. Maybe you mastered that color technique you’ve been working on and wanting to try on a client. Maybe you were able to work through a conflict that challenged and frustrated you. Maybe you brightened someone’s day by making them feel beautiful and pampered. Or maybe you made it to work on time with two matching shoes and no spills on your shirt! (Which can be no small feat some days!)

There are 100 different ways per day that each of us can find success in our actions and our results. Even if its something nobody else would notice, don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself. We’re proud of you!

We’re proud to be part of this industry, surrounded by such amazing people! And while we continue work hard every day to better ourselves, our products, and our processes - for the sake of our customers and brands - we would be remiss in not taking a moment to be proud of the things we’ve accomplished and the people that have been working hard in so many ways big and small.

As we all take steps to progress and improve, let’s continue to be Beautiful Together and to find and celebrate the beauty and success in ourselves and others every chance we can!